Diploma in Public Relations



Immerse yourself in the world of Public Relations and find your own path into a dynamic, fast-paced, varied and profitable communications career.

Through a series of 15 practical, interactive and up-to-date modules, you will learn all the tricks of the trade and you’ll be ready to handle any kind of communication on behalf of your future clients. For each module, you ‘ll be asked to complete one or more assignments. We will continually test the new skills you’ve developed.

Our diploma in Public Relations teaches you about communicating using social media. You’ll learn how to work with key influencers, bloggers, tweeters, instagrammers – people who hold sway over your client’s audience. You will also learn all the traditional skills: writing press releases, organising functions & press conferences, managing corporate image and handling crisis.

And you specialise at the end of the course, through your thesis. You decide what direction your Public Relations career will take. Your topic choice highlights your expertise in sport, entertainment, politics, IT… You choose the area – we will find the expert supervisor to help you.

Module List

1. Understanding Public Relations 

2. Writing a Press Release 

3. Exhibitions 

4. Sponsorship 

5. Photography 

6. Organising Functions 

7. Writing Ezines 

8. Corporate Identity 

9. Crisis PR 

10. Role of the Press Officer 

11. Social Media 

12. Marketing 

13. Working with Bloggers 

14. Creating content 

15. Thesis